February 9, 2012

The Lost Children - by Carolyn Cohagan

Lots and lots of gloves.  A city where everyone must wear gloves at all times!  A dad who never really talks, won't look his daughter in the eyes, and is obsessed with gloves! Weird mouthless dogs that terrorize entire villages.  A very small bad guy.  A very big good guy, who is also a bad guy.  A magical shack. A humongous orphanage.  An age-defying mystery.  Strange holes in the ground.  A surprising energy source.  Three kids who are nothing alike, trapped in a world none of them really understand, trying to do something they really don't want to do, and both dreaming of and dreading what will happen once they've done it.  A tremendous, captivating story.

I know, what kind of story description is that?  Could I be any less clear?  Probably, so don't push your luck!  The truth is, this is a strange book, with all sorts of unexpected events and interesting twists.  It is both a fantasy adventure and a story of friends who find it difficult but necessary to work together in the face of great danger.  It's also the sad story of a girl and her dad, and the shocking secret that holds them apart.

I borrowed this from my friend Kylie, and liked it so much I went out and bought my own copy.  It's a keeper.

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