February 9, 2012

NERDS 2: M is for Mama's Boy - by Michael Buckley

What I love about this series is that while the main characters are total nerds in school, getting picked on mercilessly, they have secret identities with which they do things like... oh... save the world!  Imagine getting shoved in a locker one moment, and fighting evil villains with your super powers the next.  It's all very creative, with interesting characters, all sorts of cool spy tools and tricks, and nasty bad guys who use squirrels to do their dirty work.

If you enjoy spy series like Alex Rider or STORM (two excellent series!), the NERDS books are in the same genre, but more ideal for a 3rd-5th grade reader, with more humor but just as much fancy gadgetry.  This is a great series for underdogs, science and technology geeks, people with buck teeth or bad allergies, or anyone who enjoys solving puzzles or playing spy.

The author also wrote The Sisters Grimm series, and he really knows how to spin a nice tale with equal doses of serious and funny.  If you're not a NERD yet, it's time to sign up.

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