January 28, 2012

Cheesie Mack is not a Genius or Anything - by Steve Cotler

If you're reading a book, and the main character keeps telling you to go check out his website, do you think that's cool, or annoying?  It bugged me, but maybe you would like that kind of thing.

This book is narrated by a boy called Cheesie Mack, a 5th-grader with an annoying sister, grumpy grandpa, funny friend, and your fair share of typical 5th grade problems.  It centers around the end of  his fifth grade year, when he finds a valuable coin, gets in deep trouble with his principal, investigates a local "haunted" house, makes a new friend, uncovers a mystery, eats a doughnut, and has a few other adventures, which I'm hard-pressed to recall right now. The truth is, it was an okay book, but I never really connected with or came to like the main character, so didn't really enjoy the book. There's a sequel coming out, and reviews I've read show that many kids like it, so it may be worth a shot.  For a preview, check out that website the kid kept bugging me to visit, www.cheesiemack.com.

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Ms. Yingling said...

I felt a bit lukewarm on this, too, but my 6th graders are working on more of a 5th grade level now in terms of reading abilities and maturity, so I may get a copy. I like the cover, and it's so hard to find funny books for boys.