If you're like me (and for your sake, let's hope you are not), you've been embarrassed at least once when you realized you were saying an author's name all wrong.  I'll help you by keeping a running list on this site of all the tricky names that I figure out how to say.  If you know of more, add a comment!

  • Avi:  AH-vee
  • Mike Lupica:  LOO-picka
  • Kenneth Oppel:  OP-ple  (like apple, but with a short o sound)
  • Rick Riordian:  RYer-den
  • J.K. Rowling:  RO-ling (long O, like when you row a boat)
  • Jon Scieczka:  SHESS-ka

Was your author not on my list?  Do you want to hear authors saying their OWN names correctly?  Here is a wonderful website for you to visit:

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