February 5, 2010

Eleven - by Patricia Reilly Giff

What if you were in the attic, looking for something random, when you came across an old newspaper article that made you question EVERYTHING about your life?  And worse, what if you weren't able to read it yourself, because you're pretty bad at reading?  When this very thing happened to fifth-grader Sam, he set off on a quest to uncover his true identity and solve the mystery of his childhood.  Who is the man he's living with, his best friend, his "grandpa"?  With the help of a curious new girl, Sam learns new things about his history, his family, and himself. 

This fascinating story is kind of a mystery, but is also one of those books where unlikely kids get mashed together and end up as great friends.  Imagine the relationship between the kids from Bridge to Terabithia, but with a totally different type of (and less tear-jerking) ending.

Read this if you love interesting characters, trying to solve mysteries before the author does, or Indian food.

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