January 3, 2010

Carlos is Gonna Get It - by Kevin Emerson

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you agree to do something you know you shouldn't, but you don't want to let your friends down?  That's where 7th grader Trina is when this story begins, and this tale, set in an urban middle school near Boston, follows the choices Trina makes and the consequences of those decisions.

All 7th graders are a little weird, but Carlos seems to have some pretty unique characteristics that annoy his classmates to no end.  He disrupts class, doesn't follow the rules, and seems to get away with things that noone else would ever get away with.  The catch:  It's not his fault.  When Trina and her friends decide to teach Carlos a lesson for annoying them so much, it's a pretty nasty thing to do. Will any of them have the courage to stand up for what's right?  Follow along as their friendship is tested to its very limits.

This is an interesting story in part because it's such an accurate portrayal of what kids that age really go through daily, and because it does not have the nice happy ending you'd expect.  Everyone doesn't learn their lesson, and everything doesn't turn out just fine. But that's just like real life, isn't it?

This book is also notable for the way it portrays a diverse cast of characters without making a big deal of it.  There is a strong need for more everyday cultural diversity in popular children's literature, and thiis book is a great addition to the field.

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