August 30, 2009

The Secret Order of the Gumm Street Girls - by Elise Primavera

In this interesting book, four girls who have nothing in common are thrown together in a wild quest to find the lost shoe from The Wizard of Oz.  That's right, this book takes that classic story in a totally new direction, with evil witches, a strange ancient piano teacher with talking dogs, and the storm of the century. 

The real delight in reading this book is meeting the four girls, who are so different and so interesting.  Each has a different talent, and they seem to hate each other, even though they live on the same block (on Gumm Street).  The way in which they come together is very well-written, and the whole book just has a nice flow, with lots of unexpected twists and turns, plenty of mystery, and lots of adventure.  Stay tuned for more books in this series, which are sure to become crowd favorites for many young readers, boys and girls alike.

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