September 16, 2009

The Calder Game - by Blue Balliett

This is my favorite story yet by this talented teacher-turned-mystery-writer.  I met her once at a Barnes and Noble author reading, and Ms. Balliett is every bit as interesting as her books suggest.

In this, the third in the Chasing Vermeer series, three children must use all of their knowledge and talent to solve the mystery of a vanished statue.  This is no ordinary statue, but a huge piece of modern art that disappeared from a charming English village one night.  There are so many clues that pop up, but which ones are the right ones to follow?  Calder Pillay thought he had the mystery solved, but then HE disappeared!  Can his friends Petra and Tommy save him and solve the mystery before it's too late?

This series is challenging for many readers, but in a good way.  Start with Chasing Vermeer, and if you like it, continue with the series, and your life will be a little bit better for having made that choice.

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