August 18, 2008

The Kid Who Ran For President - by Dan Gutman

What if a 12-year-old boy ran for president? And if he did, what if he really had a chance to WIN? That's what this story is about, and it's a good one. Judson Moon is just a normal middle school student who likes to make people laugh, but his friend Lane, who is really into politics, has big plans for him. Before you know it, Moon's life is turned upside down as he learns what it takes to try to win a presidential election. You won't know if he makes it unless you read the book!

I like Dan Gutman's writing because it's funny, and has a nice flow to it. This book is no exception, but it can be challenging keeping up with all the political details. It's a good resource for learning a little about how elections work, but you also may want to check out Dan's book Landslide (see below) for more specific information about U.S. elections.

Read The Kid Who Ran For President if you like stories about kids who dare to try difficult things (kind of like Andrew Clements' stories), interesting realistic fiction, or books that keep you guessing until the end. For a hint of how the book ends, keep your eyes open for the sequel, and the title may give you a clue.

(Dan Gutman's nonfiction book Landslide is a nice companion to his novel.)