August 18, 2008

Mariel of Redwall - by Brian Jacques

An evil rat king, a brave mouse maiden, a powerful badger leader, four daring hares, and more squirrels and moles than you can keep track of. That's what this book has to offer, as well as wild storms at sea, bloody fights, daring rescues, and much more adventure than you would ever hope for. If you love long, challenging books full of adventure and amazing characters, you've found your next book!

If you have never read one of Brian Jacques' Redwall books, you are really missing out. It is truly one of the best series I have ever read, and you can read any of the 19 books in any order you like. The characters are woodland animals in a place very much like England, but hundreds of years ago, before electricity or modern technology. The animals seem just like people, but they have all of the characteristics of their species too. It's hard to explain, so take a peek at the author's website at to learn more about the series.

The books are difficult for normal fourth grade readers, but I recommend checking out the audio book versions, which are read by a cast of actors and actresses, including the author himself as narrator. (That's how I read this one myself, to be honest, and it was better than reading it myself!)