July 29, 2008

Robot Dreams - by Sara Varon

What good is a book with no words? Even though I (Mister K) love to read, and have a passion for words, I fell in love with this wordless graphic novel about a dog and his robot friend.

With some pretty simple and interesting pictures, the author tells the story of a dog who builds a robot, and becomes its best friend. After a trip to the beach where the robot gets rusty, the dog is forced to leave his metal friend behind, and he gets lonely. The book contains the robots attempts to find new friends, but they all end up leaving, too. In his dreams, the robot hopes to meet up with his friend once more, and at the end of the book... Well, you'll be happy with the ending, I'll tell you that.

Although this is an unusual book, it's well worth picking up. You won't be disappointed.