July 29, 2008

Jim Thorpe - by Joseph Bruchac

This is the amazing true story of Jim Thorpe, a Native American student and athlete from the early 1900's who became a star in several different sports and became world-famous. It is also the story of how the U.S. government educated Indian students, and about what life was like for those children growing up during an interesting time in American history.

The book is told from the first-person perspective of young Jim Thorpe, with the author providing an original and entertaining voice for the narrator. It is a work of historical fiction, though all events are true and accurate.

Read this book if you enjoy football, baseball, basketball, or track and field, of if you'd like to hear about how those sports got started in the first place. It's a great book for lovers of biography and history, for those who are interested in Native American history, and for anyone who loves a good story.