July 19, 2008

Jack Adrift - by Jack Gantos

As fourth grader Jack Henry's family drives to their new house on the coast of North Carolina, they discover that the roads are all underwater from a flood. The fact that Jack's dad decides to drive through anyway will tell you a little about this wild family.

In this book, young Jack starts a new school where the principal tricks him into being his spy, he falls in love with his teacher, makes a new friend who helps him blow up some toys, and he has plenty of adventures as he tries to figure out what kind of person he is. His dad tells him that he should always tell people what they want to hear, while his mom says he should always tell the truth. Who does he listen to?
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This is a great series by the author of the Joey Pigza books (which are not as good). Each book focuses on one year of the author's childhood, so these are memoirs (autobiographies) that are possibly true... it's tough to tell for sure. Read this if you want to know what it's like growing up as a boy, or if you're just in the mood for a hilarious story.