July 27, 2015

Space Case - by Stuart Gibbs

Stuart Gibbs is an amazing writer, and this may be his best book yet!  

Imagine yourself on the moon, but not as an astronaut:  You are a member of the first group of moon colonists, along with your mom, dad, and six-year-old sister.  This is where we find Dash, the 12-year-old protagonist, and he's not too happy about it.  It turns out that the government's advertisements for the "resort-like" Moon Base Alpha were way overblown, and it's nowhere near as nice or exciting as he'd expected. 

Things get MUCH more exciting, though, when Dash witnesses a murder!  Now it is up to him and a couple of unexpected friends to solve the crime before things get worse.  As the government begins to cover it up, Dash is running out of time, and with a murderer on the loose in    their small community on the surface of the moon, things will definitely get worse before they get better. 

This is a compelling mystery, a realistic sci-fi look at our future in space, and a very interesting story about a brave young man who's trying to do the right thing.  Read it!

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