July 24, 2015

House of Robots - by James Patterson

Imagine that you're the fifth-grade son of a famous robot inventor mother, and one day she asks you to bring her newest invention to school with you. Two problems:  You are the second-most unpopular kid in your class (after your best-friend Trip), and the invention is a walking, talking nerdy robot that you are sure will ruin your life forever!

As E (the robot)  tags along with Sammy (the kid), we are dragged along on a very surprising and funny school adventure.  E is definitely a talented robot, and before long everyone at school finds out what a difference a robot can make.  Even the school bully gets a surprise, which leaves the reader cheering!  This is a fast-paced, smart story about fitting in, standing up, and giving new things a chance.

This is a great book for boys, and for anyone with an interest in robotics (along with the excellent Winter of the Robots, also reviewed on this site.)  It's one of my favorites so far among all the new series being pumped out by Patterson and his co-authors.

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