January 7, 2015

The Abominables - by Eva Ibbotson

Five yeti, a small boy and his sister, and a burly truck driver with a pig tattoo.  From the majestic Himalaya mountain range to sunny England, this fun fantasy carries the reader across Asia and Europe and through quite an adventure along the way.

You don't need to believe in Yeti, or "abominable snowmen" to enjoy this book, but you do need to have the ability to smile and even laugh.  It's a nice story about a family (of mythical beasts), but it's also got plenty of funny bits to keep things light. There is adventure, suspense, danger, mystery, action, and a nice feeling of success by the time you've reached the last page.

This is the last book that Eva Ibbotson ever wrote. This woman is an amazing author, famous for such fantasy powerhouses as The Secret of Platform 13, Which Witch, and One Dog and his Boy.  She had a clear gift for interesting writing, and this book is a showcase of her skills.

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