January 7, 2015

Sorry You're Lost - by Matt Blackstone

It's not easy when your mom is dead, your dad won't really talk to you, your teacher kicks you out of class, and your best friend is so weird that nobody talks to him.  Oh, and your name is DONUTS. For Donuts (Denny) Murphy, seventh grade is not off to a very good start.

When Manny, that oddball friend, concocts a flabbergasting plot to raise a lot of money and solve all of their problems, Donuts agrees to help, which could be the best, or the worst, decision of his life.  Will money, a cool car, and cute dates to the 7th-grade-dance turn their lives around, or are these two destined for a life as oddball rejects?  Wouldn't you like to know! Just go read the book.

This book reminds me of Slob, another excellent book which I've reviewed on this blog.  Both of them are a bit sad, but also hopeful, with lots of funny stuff thrown in along the way to a nice ending.  This book has plenty of humor, from a clueless principal and Donut's crush on his "goddess" math teacher to Donut and Manny's ridiculous attempts to impress Allison, the queen bee of the 8th grade.  Add a little bit of a middle school romance, and this book has it all.

It runs a little slow (or maybe just depressing) at times, but that's important to the plot and it all balances out in the end.

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