July 8, 2014

Rogue - by Lynn Miller-Lachmann

What do you get when a teen girl with Asperger's syndrome, a bunch of BMX enthusiasts, and a neighborhood meth lab all come together in one little book?  A powerful, heart-breaking but hopeful story with plenty of twists and turns and an unexpected hero.

Kiara has a really hard time getting along with people, and the world often doesn't make sense to her.  She usually relies on Mr. Internet for help, but there are some questions he just can't answer, such as why her mom won't come home, and why she has Asperger's anyway.  Naming herself Rogue, after the X-Men mutant super-girl is a step toward finding her own power, and through Kiara's courage in hard times, she eventually does find out what makes her special.

This is a book about facing the hard times in life, and how to make it through them. It is about looking at your abilities, not your disabilities, and fighting for what you deserve.  It's an unusual story because it tackles some tough issues: disability, drugs, loyalty, and family trouble, but it does so with grace, and is a rewarding book.

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