July 19, 2014

Insurgent - by Veronica Roth

How would it be if everyone thought you were a traitor and your boyfriend was a coward, and then you found yourself in a situation in which the only way you can save the world(so to speak) is by defying your own faction, and lying to the very person you trust the most?  Welcome to Tris's world in this epic sequel to the powerful novel Divergent.

Things are not going well in futuristic Chicago.  Factions have taken up arms against one another, and beyond the obvious reasons lies a true secret known to only a few people, for which people are willing to die.  What can be so important?  Luckily for the reader, this secret is exposed in the final chapter, setting the stage for an explosive third book.

Tris is a lovable heroine, though she's tough and conflicted.  In this book we get to know Four/Tobias better, and he becomes even more likeable. A previously trustworthy character commits a shocking act of betrayal, while a sworn enemy unexpectedly does the right thing in a moment of need.  Read this action-packed book to witness relationships stretched to the breaking point, tension rising to the boiling point, and (no more analogies, I promise) a really good story.

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