August 18, 2012

Ungifted - by Gordon Korman

Special Post:  Not only is this a review for a book that hasn't yet hit the shelves, it is a guest review!  Thanks to my young sixth-grade friend Ryan O. for an excellent write-up of Korman's newest book. 

Are you a kid who pulls pranks and rarely gets caught but then one time you think you’ve gone too far and get sent to another school but still don’t get in trouble? Well then, you sound just like Donovan Curtis from the book Ungifted by Gordon Korman. Ungifted is a story about a middle school boy, Donovan, who accidentally knocks the world of Atlases’ shoulders (Don’t worry, it was just a statue) and sends it tumbling into the glass doors of his school gym!  CRASH! He thinks he’s gone way too far this time and is prepared to be expelled for good from his school.  However, thanks to a small mix-up in paperwork, Donovan gets sent to ASD, The Academy of Scholastic Distinction- a.k.a. School for Gifted & Talented kids.

Donovan thinks that this is the perfect place to hide until the whole Atlas incident is forgotten, but he soon discovers that this “gifted” school is serious about learning. At his old school, Donovan definitely was not “Joe Honor Roll” so all the schoolwork feels ten times harder and if that wasn’t bad enough, some of the kids start to think that Donovan is too dumb to be in their special school. However, Donovan’s unlikely saving grace comes in the form of a robot. You’ll have to read the story to discover the end to this exciting adventure.
I really liked this book for a couple reasons. One was the genre- realistic fiction. Gordon Korman also wrote Schooled and Swindled as well as a few of the 39 Clues books.  Also, I loved the style in which the story was told by almost all of the characters! This helped me understand the story better!

Ungifted was one of the best books I’ve read this summer. I would rate it 9 out of 10 because it wasn’t the best book ever (Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan is still at the top of my list) but it was still an entertaining read for anyone who has ever felt out of place or struggled at school.   

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Ms. Yingling said...

Nice review, Ryan. I love just about everything that Korman has written, but this was extra good. I am glad to hear a student review of it.