August 18, 2012

Deadweather and Sunrise: The Adventures of Egg, Book 1 - by Geoff Rodkey

Egg is just your average thirteen-year-old boy, living with his grumpy dad, two violent siblings who hate his guts, a brainless tutor, and a bunch of washed-up pirates on a smelly volcanic island.  His life gets a little more interesting when his family suffers a tragic fate, he meets the love of his life, and her father promptly tries to kill him.  Before long, Egg has uncovered the father's evil plans to... well, to do some nasty stuff, like your typical criminal mastermind.  Good action, great characters, and an ending that leaves us waiting eagerly for the next chronicle.

This is a great new series that will appeal to pirates, children with nasty siblings, and island-lovers.  The rest of you will like it too, as this series has a lot going for it.  Check it out, and see whether you're more of a Deadweather person, or a resident of Sunrise!

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