December 15, 2010

War Horse - by Michael Morpurgo

If horses could write, this would be the story of one brave foal who was on the front lines of World War One in Europe.  Joey was a beautiful horse, loyal to his young master Albert, and confused when he was taken away to be a war horse for the British cavalry (soldiers who fight or travel on horseback).  As the war raged on, Joey had countless adventures, surviving battle after battle, and making and losing new friends along the way.  In the end, it is the courage and determination of the horse that keep him alive, and which allow him to search one last time for his master and his friend.

The story is told first-person (or first-horse) from Joey's point-of-view, which makes it very interesting and really sucks the reader in.  Michael Morpurgo is an amazing writer, as I've noted before, and this is an incredible book.  Horse lovers will find themselves swept away, as will fans of military history, who will get an inside view of both the British cavalry and the German artillery during that long and terrible war in 1914 and beyond.

Thanks to Emma and her mother for the tip and the loan, and for reminding me how much I like Michael Morpurgo.  I hear this is going to be a movie!  Good choice.


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