December 17, 2010

Science Fair - by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

Foreign terrorists with cheese in their pants?  A death-defying race through town in a stolen Oscar Meyer Weinermobile?  A dancing animatronic gorilla with classified technology hidden under its hat?  Darth Vader and a wookie breaking into a house in the dead of night?  Killer electronic robot owl defending a store in the mall?  A levitating frog?  Parents who make all of their food out of tofu?  FBI agents covered in orange Cheetos dust?  Nuclear Mentos?  This book is full of one wild, goofy idea after another, and it all comes together nicely in the end.

It's really the story of Toby, a dorky eighth-grader who wants to win the $5,000 prize at his school's science fair, but knows that the rich bratty kids whose parents pay for fancy projects always win.  When Toby uncovers an unfair and sinister plot, it's up to him and his friends to uncover the truth, save the science fair from cheating (and the United States from being destroyed by terrorists), and avoid capture by the many people who are hunting them down.  This book is a roller coaster of silliness, but also a pretty good scientific adventure.  I'd recommend it to readers who like funny books, bad accents, science, Star Wars, and inventing things. Also, anyone who's ever dreamed of uncovering secret plots and saving the world, or boring things like that.

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