June 29, 2010

A Dog Called Grk - by Joshua Doder

What would you do if you found a stray dog, then discovered that its owners had left the country, all the way to Stanislavia, a small (fictional) European country?  That's what a young American boy, Tim, had to decide when he found Grk, a well-behaved dog, following him home one day.  Let's hope you wouldn't choose to do what Tim did:  Steal his dad's credit card, sneak out of the house with the dog in the middle of the night, and return the pup to his rightful owners far across the ocean.  But Tim was caught and returned safe and sound, right?    Unfortunately, Stanislavia had just been taken over by an evil dictator, who would stop at nothing to imprison and kill Grk's owners, and now Tim was on his list as well.

This wild and slightly ridiculous story takes Tim and Grk on all sorts of adventures around Stanislavia, risking life and limb to save Grk's real owners.  It's a great book, and keeps you on the edge of your seat with curiosity and excitement, and sometimes fear.  This has developed into a whole series, and will surely hold the interest of many action/adventure/mystery seeking upper elementary students.

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