August 19, 2009

Word Nerd - by Susin Nielsen

I first picked this up because I love Scrabble, and the cover appealed to me. (So sue me, even Mister K judges a book by its cover occasionally!)  Once I started reading, I was hooked.  This is definitely a book for older readers (TEEN section), but it really captures what it's like to be a preteen boy who's allergic to everything, has a crazily overprotective mother who can't hold a job for more than a year, living in the basement of a convicted felon's house, and playing Scrabble with professionals.  If you like that stuff, read this book.  If that sounds weird, read it anyway, and you'll probably be as impressed as I was.  Let's hope this Canadian author keeps up the good work and brings us more interesting books like this.

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