August 19, 2009

Trial by Journal - by Kate Klise (and her sister)

What if a ten-year-old girl was put on the jury of a murder trial, and the jury was hidden away in a fancy hotel in the middle of an amusement park for the month-long trial?  What if that girl's teacher made her write a journal about her experience since she was missing so much school?  What if that girl snuck out and actually solved the crime before the trial was over?  Read this creative story and you'll have know exactly what if!   

This is a PHENOMENAL book!  The Klise sisters are extremely talented, and when they get together, the books they produce are hard to put down.  This book, like all of their stories, is told through a variety of drawings and words, put together in a very engaging and interesting way.  It's kind of like a graphic novel, but smarter, and less comic-bookish.  You need to think a lot while you read this book, and you can keep up with the unraveling mystery, maybe even solving it before the author does if you pay enough attention.  I cannot stress it enough - go read this book!

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