October 11, 2008

Snap - by Alison McGhee

Eddie is a girl who likes lists. She has a list for just about everything in her life, including all the reasons she should remember to snap the colored rubber bands around her wrist. The only thing she hadn't planned for is what to do when her best friend Sally's grandmother, who she has grown very close to, gets sick. Oh, snap.

There are a lot of interesting things about this book, including the way the author SLOWLY gives the reader clues as to what's really going on in the story. The characters are interesting, and the writing will really make you feel like you're figuring things out along with Eddie. It's a lovely story, though the ending is sad. Life can be very difficult when somebody is very sick, and it's not always clear how to handle that type of situation. Read this book and figure it out along with Eddie and Sally.


Momo said...

Mr K you review this book so long ago but I am so happy to read your warm comments. I just read our old copy with a view to replacing it. Happy New Year.

Momo said...

Mr K I just read your warm review of Snap which sadly is long out of print. I just re-read our copy and I am so glad I did now I need a newer copy ours has pages falling out. Happy New Year.