October 11, 2008

Igraine the Brave - by Cornelia Funke

What would you do if your magician parents accidentally turned themselves into pigs, your castle is about to be attacked by an evil neighbor and his army, and the only hope is for you to find and bring home some hair from a giant's head? If you're anything like brave young Igraine, you'd get your suit of armor on, mount your horse, and head out on a dangerous adventure.

This book (by the author of Dragon Rider, Inkheart, and The Thief Lord) is a wonderfully funny story that many readers will fall in love with. It contains magic, dancing books, talking cats, brave children, evil men, sorrowful (sad) knights, kind giants, and enough adventure to last a lifetime. Read this if you're ready for a rollicking romp!

Interesting note: All of Cornelia Funke's books are translated from German, and the author draws all of her own illustrations.

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