February 18, 2008

My Side of the Mountain - by Jean Craighead George

Alone in the wilderness. High in the Catskill Mountains New York with nothing but a few pairs of clothes and nature all around you. Could you survive a winter? Sam did, and that's what this exciting book is all about.

What would it be like to wander away from your crowded home one day and walk into the wilderness, and stay there? Young Sam Gribley did just that, and the way he survives in the woods will amaze you and keep you reading long after your bedtime has come and gone.

If you liked Hatchet or Getting Air, you're sure to love this story, and the rest of the series. In fact, most students that I've seen read this book ended up calling it one of their all-time favorites. Check it out yourself and see why it's still so popular, fifty years after it was first published!