September 9, 2006

Tiger Rising - by Kate DiCamillo

A boy, a girl, and a tiger. Quite an adventure, right? Well, it's not exactly what you'd expect... This is a touching story about a 12-year-old boy and his father, living in a hotel down in rural Florida. This book tells the tale of Rob's coming to terms with his life, and is an example of how people need time and care in order to recover from sad events in their lives. The girl, Sistine, is my favorite character, and from the time she enters Rob's life on the school bus one morning, nothing is ever the same. The book can be kind of sad, but by end you will be happy, and maybe in tears. Unfortunately, you may just end up scratching your head, wondering what that was all about. Author Kate DiCamillo writes in a way that adults tend to appreciate, but which younger students sometimes have trouble understanding. Read this book if you like emotional stories about friendships, family, and the importance of not losing hope.

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