September 9, 2006

Flush - by Carl Hiaasen

What would you do if your dad was tossed in jail for sinking a rich guy's boat? 11-year-old Noah knew that his dad could get pretty upset about polluting, but when his dad discovered that someone was flushing nasty sewage into the local bay and took matters into his own hands, things began to get out of control. This is the story of Noah's decision, his family's struggles, the danger of upsetting powerful people, and the importance of fighting to protect the natural environment for all creatures. Author Carl Hiaasen is great at creating interesting characters, both good and bad, and putting them into wild and hilarious situations that are still realistic, and that make you think. Read this book if you are an environmentalist (someone who takes action to protect nature), someone who loves adventurous realistic fiction, or someone who loves good, clear, funny writing.

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Anonymous said...

This was a really good adventure story. If you liked Hoot you'll definetly like this story!