August 26, 2006

Over the Edge (Mysteries in our National Parks)

What would you do if your mom got pushed over the edge of the Grand Canyon? (she survives, don't worry.) Would you blame the obvious suspect, or give him the benefit of the doubt? This is a problem for brothers Jack and Ashley, the main characters in this Mysteries in our National Parks series, as they try to protect their mom and figure out who's out to get her. This story is a gripping mystery, weaving nature and technology together to help solve the mystery, and protect some endangered California condors at the same time. These books are great for readers who love mysteries, nature, and good series. The plots make you think, and the characters have to make decisions that aren't always easy, just like in our own lives.
These books are available at the public library, but you'll have to make a special request. Search under "Mysteries in our National Parks".

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