August 25, 2006

Eragon - by Christopher Paolini

People always ask me "What's your favorite book?" There's no easy answer, but Eragon is somewhere near the top of the list. Why? You'd really have to read it to find out, and that is an undertaking that requires a major time commitment, trust me. Even if you could read it fast, it's so good that you wouldn't want to. There's so much to keep track of in this epic fantastic adventure, from the history of dragons to the secrets of special types of fighters, and then there are the various types of creatures and kingdoms to remember... this book will take over your life while you're reading it, and for a while after too. I could say this is simply a story about a boy and a dragon, but it's much, much more than that. If Harry Potter is small change to you and the Lord of the Rings trilogy is on your to-read list, you've got to read Eragon (and don't forget the sequel, Eldest, which is even better!)

P.S. A movie based on this book will hit the theaters soon.

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