August 9, 2017

House of Robots: Robots Go Wild - By J. Patterson & C. Grabenstein

This latest installment in the Patterson/Grabenstein series is as hilarious and touching as the others. If you aren't familiar with the series, it's all about fifth-grader Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez, whose mom is a famous professor of robotics, and whose dad is a well-known graphic novelist. Sammy's little sister, Maddie, has a life-threatening immunodeficiency disorder, and can't safely leave her bedroom. Thanks to their mom, Sammy is soon bringing a new "brother" to school with him - his Bro-Bot, E!

Follow Sammy and E's adventures through school and the community in this series of action-filled books. Told with a lot of heart, they are perfect for fans of robotics, but are really good stories for every reader to enjoy. There are villains in each book, a goofy sidekick (Sammy's second-best friend forever), and enough drama to hold anyone's interest.

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