August 18, 2016

A Dragon's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans - by Laurence Yep and Joanne Ryder

I love stories told from an animal's point of view, and the viewpoint of this thousands-of-years-old dragon is a great example of the genre.  Miss Drake, as we know her, recently lost her "pet" human, but as the story begins, a new pet is just arriving.  Winnie is a charming and precocious young teen, and her great aunt seems to have told her everything she needed to know about caring for the family dragon.  Little did Winnie know, however, that the dragon had plans of its own!

This captivating story imagines life in modern San Francisco, but with hidden magical life all around.  Take Miss Drake, for instance.  She may be a fierce, full-grown red and scaly dragon, but she can transform into a fashionable French fashionista in the blink of an oversize eye.  There is a problem in every story, of course, and in this case it takes Winnie and Miss Drake a little while to realize that a seemingly wise act has resulted in setting wild magic loose on the city, possibly breaking ages-old magical rules, and threatening the destruction of land and life.  Don't worry; Our heroines are up to the task of taking the magic into their own hands, but the process promises quite a magical adventure.

This is a very interesting and well-written book, full of magic and girl power.

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