July 8, 2016

Firstborn - by Tor Seidler

This is the fictional story of a pack of wolves in Yellowstone National Park, featuring a huge pack leader named Blue Boy.  It is realistic and fascinating, but it is also a ripping good tale that will have you turning pages with enthusiasm.  Surprisingly, the whole book is narrated by a bird!  Maggie the Magpie (she doesn't like the name either) is our fearless narrator, and is as much a part of the story as any other character, though it's essentially a book about wolves.  This interesting choice of narrator works exceptionally well.

This book looks and reads a little like a wilderness book by the author's friend, Elizabeth Craighead George, author of Julie of the Wolves, and one of my favorites.  That is because it was on her urging that Mr. Seidler began studying and writing about wolves.

This is a carefully and intelligently-written story, and will appeal to animal-lovers, but also anyone who loves a good story, well-told.  There's even a little wolf romance, for those who like that kind of thing.  If you want to learn more about wolves, this is definitely the book for you.

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