January 7, 2016

Paper Towns - by John Green

This is an amazing story, and it definitely earns its "Teen/Young-Adult" category label, but not for the same reason as many books in the genre.  This is the story of Quentin, a high-school senior who finally gets the chance to hang out with his dream girl, his next-door neighbor, the crazily popular, wild, and unattainable Margo, for one wild night.  From those after-dark adventures, the book follows a sort of mystery path as Quentin searches for what he can't quite find, but which he seems to have been chosen to search for.  I don't want to give anything away here, so will stop there.

It is a story of running away and other ridiculous teenage shenanigans, and is not an appropriate guide for the development of children's choices or character.  There are scenes of teen partying and allusions to more "adult" topics, but nothing too explicit here.  For any teen looking for a riveting story, this is a fantastic read, which is to be expected from this author.

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