August 6, 2015

Pieces & Players - by Blue Balliett

This is Blue Balliett's fifth book about the same characters solving art mysteries that the police can't seem to solve.  Starting with Chasing Vermeer, Ms. Balliett has introduced each of these five characters, sometimes in their own books, and now she pulls them all together for their biggest mystery yet.

It's a very good story, and if you like complex mysteries about stolen artwork, you'll love this book.  It may not appeal as much unless you've read her earlier works, though, and if you make it through Chasing Vermeer, The Wright Three, The Calder Game, The Danger Box, and Hold Fast, then you will definitely like this story.  I happen to love her work, and have read everything she's ever written.  The characters are incredible, the mystery tough to crack, and the description of Chicago's landmarks and artwork is just perfect. 

It takes a dedicated reader to tackle Ms. Balliett's series of art mysteries, but those who do will be richly rewarded with this latest installment. Are you game?

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