July 19, 2014

Boundless - by Kenneth Oppel

As tracks are laid for the new Trans-Canadian railroad, young Will steps into the adventure of a lifetime.  How could he have predicted the changes that would come after that one fateful day, the day he first met the curious tightrope walking girl, the powerful rail baron, the yeti, the ringmaster, and the man whose treachery would threaten everything.  It seemed like just another ordinary day, but that's how things go.

Will's adventure centers around the train tracks stretching across Canada in the 1800's.  His father works for the railroad, and is known to be strong and fearless, but Will just likes to draw.  Before long, both of their futures will be tied to that of the largest train to ever roll on two tracks: The Boundless.  To survive, Will is going to need every bit of luck he can get, his improving drawing skills, and plenty of courage, but also the help of a whole new collection of unexpected friends.  As the book builds to its breathtaking climax, Will's good deeds of the past are all repaid, reminding the reader that the choices we make really do have consequences far beyond the current moment.

This is one of my favorite books of the year, and an excellent adventure story for boys and girls alike.  It is the best book Mr. Oppel has written (and he's written some real winners), and a book I'll recommend to everyone.

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Momo said...

Just read this one Mr K and I loved it too! I find it exciting when we both enjoy the same books even though we are on different sides of the world.