June 19, 2014

The False Prince - by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Who is Sage, but a ragged orphan who must steal to get enough to eat?  In this fictional olden kingdom, he seems to be less than nothing. However, when the rich nobleman Conner selects him, along with a handful of boys, to take part in an epic act of deceit, it turns out that there may be more to Sage than meets the eye.

Twisting and turning, this book leaves the reader guessing at the characters' intentions and loyalties as the story builds until the very end. There is an earth-shattering revelation mid-way through the book, but that doesn't stop the suspense at all.  This is an AMAZING book.

Jennifer Nielsen knows how to pack a punch, and this first-in-a-trilogy (all three are now in print) novel will appeal to readers of all ages, but especially middle-grade boys and girls who crave adventure and suspense, who don't mind a bit of fighting and violence, and who love a tightly-wound plot and intriguing characters.

I wouldn't know about this book at all were it not for my good friend Mr. Potter.  Thanks again, dude.

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Ms. Yingling said...

I like your description of the setting as "olden". That's a good term to use with so many fantasy books. I liked this series even though I didn't really want to read another "olden" book, and my fans of John Flanagan certainly enjoy the books!