February 17, 2014

Magic Marks the Spot - by Caroline Carlson

Aargh, Matey!  This is a delightful pirate story that is far from normal, and is wonderful for its quirkiness.  Hilary Westfield has always wanted to be a pirate, and is well on her way with her own sword, ability to tread water for well over half an hour, and swashbuckling attitude.  There are two problems:  1) Her father is admiral of the Royal Navy, and has a life mission of ridding the kingdom of pirates, and 2) The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates has rejected her application for piracy on account of her being a girl, and has forwarded it to Ms. Pimm's Finishing School for Delicate Ladies.  Hilary is on her way to the dreaded school when a magical theft turns things upside down, and she must battle stern governesses, magical thieves, treacherous sailors, and rapscallion rogues of all sorts in her quest to solve the mystery of the Queen's missing treasure.

Armed with her trusty sword, and backed by a nervous gargoyle and a mismatched crew of unexpected friends and associates, Hilary sets off to Gunpowder Island, where her fortunes will explode, and she must sink or swim.

This is a witty adventure, full of twists and turns, interesting and surprising characters, and a perfect ending.  Boys and girls alike will enjoy this fantastic book.

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