July 30, 2013

Pieces of Georgia - by Jen Bryant (Guest Review by Georgia M.)

Georgia McCoy's life is falling apart at the seams. For starters, her mother died when she was only seven, and now, to pay the ever increasing bills, her grieving dad must work overtime. Her best friend, Tiffany, is always playing sports with little time for Georgia. Almost to the point that Georgia's best friends are the horses she tends. And, to top it off, Georgia is on the "At Risk" list at school and has to visit the school counselor. Georgia makes a deal with her counselor that instead of visiting the guidance office so often, she can write to her mom in a journal. That is where Georgia's story begins.

Georgia writes to her mom about everything-- like her love of art, all her troubles, and about receiving a mysterious card in the mail for her 13th birthday. The card is a year-long membership to a nearby art museum which she begins to visit often after school. Through the art and her writing she begins to feel like the pieces of her life are coming together.

This wonderful book is full of great twists and turns resulting in IRA Young Adults Choices List 2008 and many more awards.

(Thank you to charming and talented 6th grader Georgia M. for this wonderful review!)

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