April 20, 2013

A Crooked Kind of Perfect - by Linda Urban

I know, I know... kind of a girly cover.  Well, it's about a girl.  And a boy. And her dad, and a really big organ, and another girl who is really snotty and spoiled, and some more organs, and a piano.  Right.

This is the story of Zoe, a ten-year-old girl who dreams of one thing: Becoming a piano prodigy and playing at Carnegie Hall.  When her agoraphobic dad (he's afraid of leaving the house) buys her a wheeze-bag organ instead, she is sure things can't get any worse.  With her mom spending every spare moment at work, and class tough-guy Wheeler following her home, things get even stranger for Zoe.  How can a normal girl possibly deal with an organ, misguided parents, and this strange new friend?  By finding out that the world can be perfect after all, just in a slightly crooked way.

This is a delightful story about not just dealing with the life you're given, but finding a way to thrive.  Zoe thinks she's just a normal girl surrounded by oddballs, but to the readers, they all become heroes.

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