March 2, 2013

Wonder - by P.J. Palacio

Have you ever felt DIFFERENT?  It's hard, especially when you've just started middle school, you've got no friends, and you're more than just a little unusual.  In fact, when you've got a face like August Pullman's, nothing is easy.

We get this story of August's school experience right from August, as much of the book is told from his point of view.  The reader gets a first-hand view of the bullying, teasing, staring, and every other annoying behavior that August suffers through.  As the story moves along, the viewpoint shifts again and again, and we gain a more complete view of August's world, and that of his friends and family.  We are reminded that nothing is as simple as it seems, but also that the smallest kindness can have the biggest payoff.

This is a horrible story, and a wonderful one.  It will break your heart, and then make you jump up and cheer.  Once you finish this book, you will remember this story, and August and his friends and family, forever.  Please, read this book.

A friend who teaches fifth grade plans to use this book extensively with her students as they prepare for middle school, and I can think of no better training.  Read it and see what why.

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