January 23, 2013

Eleven Birthdays - by Wendy Mass

Happy birthday! Again.  And again.  And... well, you get the idea. Poor Amanda is all set to celebrate her first birthday apart from her former best-friend Leo, when something a bit unusual happens.  Things repeat.  Everything repeats. What in the world!

This is the lighthearted but deeply touching story of Amanda and Leo, and the world around them that just won't do what they want it to.  We the readers travel back to the moment when it all went wrong for these two friends, and follow them as they try to make it right.  It is a fun story, full of interesting descriptions and funny moments.  The series promises to be fantastic, though the boys may shy away from it because of the covers.  Hey Boys:  Go ahead and read books because they're GOOD, even if they're about girls!

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Beth said...

I have a warm spot for this book because it hooked my niece out of a reading slump. But I agree that boys should like it -- it's even got an active boy character for them. And that guy gets to have most of the good ideas.