June 21, 2012

MIddleworld: The Jaguar Stones, Book 1

Max Murphy is like many teen boys, always on the hunt for an even better video game to play.  Little does this boy from Boston know that his own life will soon outdo any video game he could think of.  Max's parents are famous archaeologists, experts on the ancient Maya culture who seem to care more about their research than their own son.  This obviously annoys Max, and when they take off on a last-minute expedition to San Xavier, the tiny Central American country where his father is from, Max couldn't be more miserable. 

This is an adventure novel, so of course things change quickly for Max.  Before he knows it, he has been swept down to San Xavier himself, but not by his parents.  Max suddenly finds himself in a web of family intrigue that takes him by surprise, but even that pales in comparison to his next adventure.  Running into the rain forest in pursuit of thieving monkeys, Max soon teams up with Lola, a teenage Maya girl, and the two of them do no less than save the world from an evil ancient Maya bad guy, and you wouldn't even believe who helps them out if I told you, so I'll let you make that discovery on your own. 

This book is a whirlwind of intense action and suspense, the supernatural, ancient prophesies, a lesson in Maya history, boy vs. girl rivalry, and just plain weird awesomeness.  Odd descriptions, I know, but the book totally surprised me and I'm not sure how best to characterize it.  Written by a husband/wife team, this is the first in what promises to be a thrilling series.

P.S. I know we're used to hearing "Mayan" to describe this culture, but the authors explain that the current accepted word is "Maya."

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