June 13, 2012

As Simple As It Seems - by Sarah Weeks

Simple?  Not so much.  Fifth grade is hard for everybody, but when Verbena Cole finds out that she is adopted, and that her biological father was a mean drunk, things begin to spiral out of control.  Once sweet and fun, Verbena begins to feel like she's destined for failure, and nothing really matters.  Sad stuff.

But wait!  Along comes a new neighbor, an oddball boy named Pooch who is visiting for the summer with his mother, and things began to get even more complicated.   Fake ghosts, allergy attacks, wild bike rides, and a mysterious boat all play a part in this odd but sweet story, in which Verbena and Pooch take a winding road toward friendship, changing both of their lives forever.

This may sound like a weird story, but it is really heartwarming and will hold your interest, especially if you are a 9-12 year old girl, which seems like the ideal audience.  Remember, though, that if 30-something Mister K enjoys it, you may too, no matter who you are.

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