December 11, 2011

Milo: Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze - by Alan Silberberg

It's not easy being a teenage boy.  For Milo, that's especially true because his mom passed away, and his dad is NOT the same guy he used to be.  To top it off, the girl of Milo's dreams doesn't know he exists (until he sneezes on her), but the weird girl who lives next door won't leave him alone.  This is Milo's story, told from his point of view, about how to find his place in the world, and the difficult task of getting back to normal when  you life is all shaken up.  It's not easy, it's not pretty, but it sure can be funny.

Kind of a graphic novel, kind of a chapter book, this is a well-told story with pictures that help the plot move along.  Milo is a likable dork, and his friends are a hoot, but his family will get you down.  Young readers will have no problem identifying with Milo's situation, even if they've never been in a similar spot themselves.

This book will make you laugh, and it may make you cry.  If  you've lost a loved one, this is a good book for you to read, but it's also a good choice for anyone who likes zany school novels with funny characters and interesting plot twists.

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