October 27, 2011

Troublemaker - by Andrew Clements

How do you change your reputation? Fifth grader Clay Hensley was doing everything in his power to show his school that he could be just as big a troublemaker as his big brother, and he was succeeding.  His file in the principal's office was as thick as a phone book!  When his brother was arrested and then released from jail six months later, things began to change, though.  Clay decided to change his ways, but found that reversing your behavior, let alone you reputation, is not as easy as he had hoped.  Can Clay turn his life around, and when something terrible happens that everyone blames him for, can he convince them that he is, finally, an innocent guy?

This is a story about right and wrong, but also about the blurred line between those two ideas.  When does joking around turn into something worse, and once you've crossed that line, how do you get back?  Young and old readers alike will enjoy seeing how Clay deals with these questions in this fast-paced, interesting book.  Just like most of Mr. Clements' books, this is also the story of an adult who realizes that he has just as much to learn as Clay about how to behave.

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Momo said...

Hi Mr K and a late Merry Christmas. I also enjoyed Troublemaker although not as much as some of his other titles like Extra Credit and Frindle and The Landry news.

I am using the Summer break to catch up again with your blog. I hope you gave your little boy heaps of great books for Christams.

I am taking 2012 as a year away from my job as a Teacher-Librarian and I plan to have 400-500 posts on my blog by the end of the year and thus I will be doing heaps of reading. I also hope to do some travel.

Keep up the good work. Right now I am read and re-reading some of the classics like Mrs Frisby.