October 19, 2011

Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder - by Jo Nesbo

Yes, this book has an awesome title, and check out that illustration!  Yes, he's flying, and no, it's not because of super powers.  Can you tell this book is going to be a little silly?

Surprisingly, it's not as silly as you would expect.  This is a serious story of friendship, scientific experiments, what it's like to be the new kid, and how to deal with nasty neighbors.  The plot is focused on Doctor Proctor, a lonely old inventor, his neighbor girl Lisa, and the new kid on the block, Nilly, who is not only very funny, but very, very small.  So small that he can get flushed down a toilet, for instance.  Oops, I shouldn't have given that part away.  When Doctor Proctor invents a powder for creating explosive (but odorless) farts (Yes, it feels weird typing that word!), the three begin a race against time as they fight to save the invention from the bully family down the street, and to use this outstanding new product to earn enough money to send... well that's just too much information for you!  Oh, and there's a big snake in the story too.  Really big.

It is a very funny book, though it is not ridiculous like Captain Underpants or other series like that.  It is a delightful chapter book with great use of language, humor, and illustrations, but also emotions.  The book was translated from Norwegian (it takes place in Oslo, Norway), so it must be sophisticated, right?

For a good laugh, for a good story, for a book that will make you feel good about the little people in your life, and for the best story every written about the positive things that can result from a good long fart, read this book.

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